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Project Details

Project Number AT1540
Task Force/Review Panel
Assets Task Force
Project Type Partnership Agreement
Title Understanding the Impact on Pavement Surfaces from Next Generation Freight Vehicles and Developing Practical Network Prediction Models and Responses
Status Active
Purpose To understand the failure mechanisms that are particular to the pavement surfacing layer – as distinct from the structural layer - that may be caused by changing configurations and loadings of freight vehicles. Once failure mechanisms are understood, standards, prediction models and appropriate responses need to be developed.
Deliverables 1. Tyre Force measurement trailer capable of measuring drive, braking and lateral forces for a single Wheel
2. Range of measured tyre force data suitable for input to a pavement wear model and for development of a vehicle response model
3. Pavement Wear Model : relationships between horizontal stresses and pavement wear
4. Revised network prediction model
5. Recommended network responses
6. Interim reports during the project
7. Amendments to Guide to Asset Management Part 5 and Guide to Pavement Technology
Project Manager