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Project Details

Project Number RS1689
Task Force/Review Panel
Registration and Licensing
Registration & Licensing Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title National arrangements for managing a pending licence sanction.
Status Closed-C
Purpose To develop a national policy framework and supporting business requirements to manage arrangements for jurisdictions to notify NEVDIS that an action has been initiated by that Jurisdiction that will result in the eventual suspension of a driver’s licence.
Deliverables • A snap shot of the current legislation and administrative processes used by Jurisdictions to record and apply a pending licence sanction.

A report that provides:-
• An assessment of the information collected by jurisdictions that may indicate evidence of sanction avoidance.
• A review of the relative benefits, impacts (including costs), risks and issues associated with the effective management of pending licence sanctions by Jurisdictions.
• Project plan including scope, timeframes and deliverables.
Project Manager
Chris Brennan
03 9854 1841