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Project Details

Project Number NS1697
Task Force/Review Panel
Network Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Development of ITS Architecture - Stage 2 - Logical Architecture
Status Active
Purpose Updated 2016-2017
To continue the development of a National ITS Architecture by establishing a governance process, on boarding industry and expanding the ITS architecture context.

Updated 2015-16
With various transport and road agencies (SRA’s) around Australia investigating and deploying ITS in order to reap the benefits that they provide, it has been recognised that there is a need to have a nationally accepted and ratified ITS architecture. This would enable ITS to be deployed more quickly and efficiently across Australia in a consistent and interoperable manner for the benefit of ITS users and suppliers, and road and transport agencies.
The need for a national ITS architecture is even more critical with the potential emergence of Co-operative ITS (C-ITS) technology solutions, and to capitalise on the rapidly increasing number of international ITS standards.
To continue with development of a national ITS architecture and leverage the artefacts and learnings from other related Austroads projects, there is a need to:
1. assess / validate Stage 1 (NS1696) recommendation to adopt European ITS FRAMEwork Architecture (FRAME) given recent developments with US National ITS Architecture and Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture (CVRIA)
2. consult with stakeholders about the Stage 1 national ITS architecture reports (Context and Vision, and ITS Business (reference) Architecture)
3. assess the implications and benefits of the national ITS architecture (from SRA transition plans developed during NS1928 and stakeholder feedback)
4. revise the Stage 1 reports as necessary
5. develop a complementary information systems (logical) architecture in the national ITS architecture
6. assess suitability of FRAME business and information systems architecture content through pilot projects
7. support road and transport agencies as they implement their respective transition plans and pilot projects
8. engage with stakeholders progressively on new work throughout the project
Deliverables Updated 2016-2017
The Network Task Force, System Manager’s Working Group, ITS Australia and road agencies may be well placed to deliver various aspects:
- Development / delivery of training to deploy a NIAF
- TOGAF-aligned implementation of all FRAME content in the NIAF
- Pilot application of the proposed NIAF (by SRA’s)
- Considering data, message or protocol standards (eg: Technology Architecture)
- Develop a comprehensive governance framework
- Provide detailed support to SRA’s and/or stakeholders to implement their transition plans

• National ITS Architecture: Context & Vision report(updated)
• National ITS Architecture: Business (Reference) Architecture report (updated)
• National ITS Architecture: Business (Reference) Architecture(updated)
• National ITS Architecture: Final Logical (Information Systems) Architecture report
• National ITS architecture: final Logical (Information Systems) Architecture Quarterly Website Updates
• Final content (contextualising the national ITS architecture) for inclusion in Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Part 10: Traffic Control and Communication Devices
Project Manager
Jason Venz
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
07 30665948