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Project Details

Project Number SS1707
Task Force/Review Panel
Safety Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Development of a best practice model Graduated Licensing Scheme for car drivers
Status Closed-C
Purpose To develop an evidence-based best practice model of graduated driver licensing for car drivers suitable for adoption by Australasian driver licensing agencies. Elements of current jurisdictional practice for examination include:
• minimum supervised driving requirements;
• mandatory formal training or education requirements;
• minimum provisional licensing age;
• passenger restrictions;
• night driving restrictions;
• blood/breath alcohol concentration restrictions;
• mobile phone or other technology bans;
• vehicle power restrictions; and
• specific sanctions for speed, alcohol or other offences.
Deliverables 1. A research report summarising the findings of a literature review of the evidence of effective novice driver licensing systems and interventions in Australasia and internationally.
2. A detailed guideline detailing the components of a best practice model driver licensing system for Australian and New Zealand licensing agencies.
3. Report to quantify the benefits to be achieved through introducing the best practice guidelines and identify implications resulting from implementation.
4. Development of a PowerPoint presentation, outlining project outcomes, for use by jurisdictions.
5. Development of a 2-3 page newsletter, outlining project outcomes, for use by jurisdictions internally and for distribution across industry.
Project Manager
Sally Samuels
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
07 3066 2869