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Project Details

Project Number SS1708
Task Force/Review Panel
Safety Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Development of a national Graduated Licensing Scheme for motorcycle riders
Status Closed-C
Purpose To develop a evidence-based best practice model of graduated motorcycle rider licensing suitable for adoption by Australasian licensing agencies. Elements of current national and international practice for examination include:
• Pre-requisite licensing requirements, such as age, driver licensing tenure, etc;
• supervised riding requirements;
• mandatory formal training or education requirements;
• other novice riding restrictions, such as night riding, blood/breath alcohol concentration, mobile phone or other technology restrictions;
• motorcycle power restrictions and LAMS schemes;
• hazard perception testing;
• options to identify and improve road safety for ‘returning riders’;
• re-testing riders after certain periods of holding a licence;
• re-testing riders who relocate from overseas or interstate;
• vehicle requirements (such as ABS);
• specific sanctions for speed, alcohol or other offences; and
• Introduction of a specific licence for motor cycle riders
Deliverables - Development of a matrix of existing motorcycle rider licensing systems in Australia and New Zealand (this task has already been completed).
- Conduct a literature review and engage with Australasian jurisdictions to identify evidence of likely effective motorcycle licensing systems in Australasia and internationally. ($30k)
- Development of a detailed guideline detailing components of a best practice model licensing system for motorcycle riders. ($20k)
- Development of a PowerPoint presentation, outlining project outcomes, for use by jurisdictions.
- Development of a 2-3 page newsletter, outlining project outcomes, for use by jurisdictions internally and for distribution across industry.
Project Manager
Chris Brennan
03 9854 1841