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Project Details

Project Number SS1710
Task Force/Review Panel
Safety Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Motorcycle in-depth crash study
Status Closed-C
Purpose In depth analysis of a sample of motorcycle crashes to gain a better understanding of contributing factors to crash involvement and to inform the development of targeted road safety policies and programs to reduce motorcycle crashes and road trauma.
It is also intended that this research study will contribute to the strategies proposed in the draft National Road Safety Strategy in relation to responsible road users including motorcyclists, in particular action 4.
Deliverables Research report
The project aims to collect information on motorcycle and motorcycle passenger casualties, contributing behavioural and other crash factors from a retrospective examination of the crash.
It will identify and examine patterns of crashes, types and severity of injuries sustained by the motorcyclist and/or their passenger, and the contributing factors from the environment, rider and other road user behaviour. This will allow in-depth motorcycle crash data to be collected, where multiple analyses can be conducted to better understand motorcycle crashes and rider risk profiles, and to formulate effective policies and countermeasures.
Specific elements include:
• Collect data and information on the circumstances and causes of actual road crashes that result in casualties.
• Conduct analysis of causal relationships between human, vehicle, road and other environmental factors in crashes that can be used to inform new and improved countermeasures and intervention programs to address road safety concerns in relation to motorcyclists.
• Identification of future research areas to deepen the understanding and knowledge base in motorcycle safety.
• Identification of potential amendments to the Guide to Road Safety.
• Development of a PowerPoint presentation, outlining project outcomes, for use by jurisdictions.
• Development of a 2-3 page newsletter, outlining project outcomes, for use by jurisdictions internally and for distribution across industry.
Project Manager
Alice Ma
Transport for NSW
02 8265 7490