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Project Details

Project Number ST1766
Task Force/Review Panel
Safety Task Force
Project Type Partnership Agreement
Title Safe system in the Planning Process
Status Closed-C
Purpose To review and strengthen techniques for integrating safe system principles at an early stage of land use planning when various decision options are still open.
Deliverables 4/10/2013 - The project is on target to be completed according to the revised timeline, with the report structure agreed and progress on the key elements progressing.

A background paper and preliminary consultation was undertaken in order to review the relevance of Safe System to the planning process, including identification of existing problems/challenges with the planning process in Australia and New Zealand and benefits of incorporating Safe System early in the planning process.

Two steering group workshops were held in November 2012 in order to discuss early findings and provide direction for the remainder of the project. Following a project hold point, a contract variation was prepared with the project completion timeline adjusted to October 2013.
Project Manager
Dean Mclaren
NZ Transport Agency
+64 4 894 5438