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Project Details

Project Number RS9998
Task Force/Review Panel
Registration and Licensing
Registration & Licensing Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title National Alternative Vehicle Policy Framework – Segways
Status Draft
Purpose To develop a national policy framework for Segways to ensure that these vehicles can safely operate on the road and road related areas and that they are treated consistently in the future, in terms of registration and licensing practices, across Australia.
Deliverables The desired deliverables from this project is a framework model, based on a safe systems approach, that can assess Segways on how the vehicle performs rather than what the vehicle looks like against the following desired outcomes:
o safer road users;
o safer vehicles;
o minimal environmental impact;
o reduce traffic congestion; and
o sustainable regulatory system

The framework developed needs to be able to be applied to both current and future types, be performance based and cover the issue of identification.

This framework could then be used as a test case for future policy frameworks for other alternative vehicle categories.
Project Manager
Cheryl Richey
Transport for NSW
02 8265 7434