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Project Details

Project Number RS1744
Task Force/Review Panel
Registration and Licensing
Registration & Licensing Task Force
Project Type Other
Title Indigenous licensing - Being assessed to obtain a learner licence
Status Closed-C
Purpose Design and delivery of a culturally appropriate assessment tool/s to assist Indigenous persons to obtain a learner licence, that is flexible enough to target individual jurisdictional requirements and manage urban, rural and remote issues. This assessment tool will provide the means for Indigenous people to confirm the achievement of learning outcomes required to obtain a learner licence.
It is important that there is congruence between components to enable Indigenous persons in remote communities to be able to complete the licensing pathway. The assessment tool is an important component of this pathway to help ensure persons can progress from the pre-learner phase to a fully licensed driver.
The assessment tool will assist in significantly closing the gap acknowledged between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in obtaining a learner licence.
Deliverables A final report and assessment tool that is able to assist Indigenous persons to obtain a learner licence and appropriate for jurisdictions to implement.
Project Manager
Michael Skinner
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
07 3066 1531