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Project Details

Project Number TT1881
Task Force/Review Panel
Pavement Task Force
Project Type Partnership Agreement
Title Investigating key performance measures and predictions on unsealed roads
Status Closed-C
Purpose The project has the following specific aims for a sample panel of local government unsealed roads:
• Measure gravel road roughness pre and post blading by grader associated with road maintenance.
• Measure pre and post roughness of gravel resheeting for rehabilitation works.
• Develop works effects models for impact on roughness of blading and resheeting.
• Develop or validate road deterioration models for roughness.
All the resulting road deterioration (RD) and works effects (WE) models derived from this study can be made available to all Member Agencies (MAs) and LGAs in estimating the impacts of heavy vehicles on gravel road in terms of changes in condition and additional maintenance costs.
Project Manager
Mick Savage
Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia
02 8267 3000