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Project Details

Project Number FS1814
Task Force/Review Panel
Freight Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Publish a Roadmap for Austroads Jurisdictions on Bridge Assessment Processes
Status Active
Purpose This project seeks to undertake recommendation 1 of the FS1580 project Stage one report, which identified a need for uniform processes and procedures across all jurisdictions for bridge capacity assessments that are clearly articulated and have a well documented basis, including technical justification.

This will be achieved by publishing a roadmap that will act as a guide for operators and builders about bridge assessments based on the new AS5100.7 that was released as a draft for public comment on 13 May 2014. The Australian Standards Committee will consider the draft for standard following completion of the consultation period and comments taken into consideration.
Note: AS5100.7 originated from the Technology Program project TP1681.

The target audience for the roadmap include bridge engineering, road transport policy and road network planning departments in state road authorities (SRAs) and the road transport industry. Accordingly, the focus of this project is to provide a roadmap for policy makers, road network and access managers, and industry that identify processes that are transparent, consistent and timely. These outcomes reflect stakeholder needs, noting that it is clearly recognised that the engineering aspects are critical to the project outcomes.

While this project will provide a roadmap and the transparency required for bridge assessments; the Bridge Task Force is coordinating a project, TP1951 that will provide a method to define and agree service standards that will complement the work of this project.
Deliverables Technical Report.
Project Manager
Peter Taylor
03 9854 2903