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Project Details

Project Number FS1806
Task Force/Review Panel
Freight Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Development of a Policy Framework to Support Safety, Efficiency, and Productivity of Freight in the Urban Context
Status Active
Purpose The purpose of this project is to examine urban freight, focusing on the development of an effective policy framework supporting improved safety, efficiency and productivity for all urban freight vehicles. The project will identify best practice business models within the supply chain which align with the lowest impact on road users and the road environment, with special consideration given to the ‘last kilometre’ of freight movement.

Phase 1: Identify the various types of urban freight distribution models that are currently employed by industry operators, and assess their impacts on urban traffic. In addition, identify benefits that each model presents to the supply chain, including the movement of freight over the ‘last kilometre’. This examination includes the identification of vehicles used to perform these tasks. Through a literature review, supplement existing knowledge on urban freight distribution models through an examination of overseas practice in urban freight distribution models. Examine the identified types of urban freight distribution models, the benefits and impacts of each, and assess their appropriateness for individual tasks.

Phase 2: Examine the impact freight vehicles have when meeting increasing demands within the urban network. By providing an analysis of the productivity, efficiency, environmental and social externalities that impact on the supply chain due to a growing freight task – including congestion, noise, pollution, crashes and ‘last kilometre’ freight movement – it is hoped that some solutions may be presented as to how these externalities stemming from freight movement may be better managed.

Phase 3: Identify policy and regulatory approaches, including a reduction in red tape and regulation where appropriate, to support urban freight distribution models which would enhance productivity and efficiency across the supply chain and in particular, over the ‘last kilometre’ in the urban context.
Deliverables Working Paper 1
Working Paper 2
Working Paper 3
Working Paper 4
Final report
Project Manager
Peter Taylor
03 9854 2903