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Project Details

Project Number NS1790
Task Force/Review Panel
Network Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title NBN Coordination
Status Closed-C
Purpose Originally (2012) to investigate and recommend strategies to migrate Road Authorities’ Wide Area ITS networks and devices (currently working mainly on Telstra copper infrastructure) to new fibre optic based Networks (primarily NBN), but now in 2014 refocused to work with NBN Co. to look at the whole range of NBN technology options
Deliverables The project is a coordination project. It will involve disucssions amongst road agencies and with the Department of Communciations (DoC) and NBN Co on policies and NBN roll-out, and the impact on the networking of ITS equipment.

Regular workshops will be held (at least once a year) throughout the project, with participation from NBN Co, DoC, key retail service providers (RSPs) such as Telstra. Teleconferences amongst Road Authorities will be held when needed.

Field trials and development of specifications carried out amongst Road Authorities will be compiled and circulated to project team members. Individual contacts made by Road Authorities will also be shared to facilitate a more consistent approach in dealing with RSPs.

The final deliverable is a research report published by Austroads.

Project Manager
John Bright
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
07 3066 3484