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Project Details

Project Number TT1898
Task Force/Review Panel
Pavement Task Force
Project Type Partnership Agreement
Title Delivery of a robust pavement design software tool
Status Closed-C
Purpose Austroads has previously developed prototype pavement design software, APADS, but has not released the software for use, and has not yet included the use of the software in the Guide to Pavement Technology. Prior to release and implementation, the robustness of the prototype software needs to be assessed to ensure that the analytical outcomes are numerically stable, and that pavement designs undertaken using the new software are comparable to those developed using current software. Additionally, the software delivery mechanism, including prices, and support services need to be developed and defined. This project will assess the robustness of the software, and will identify alternative delivery and support mechanisms for consideration by Austroads.
Project Manager
Andrew Papacostas
03 9881 8927