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Project Details

Project Number FS1891
Task Force/Review Panel
Freight Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Expansion of PBS RAT (Route Assessment Tool)
Status Closed-C
Purpose The Performance Based Standards (PBS) Route Assessment Tool (RAT) is an easy-to-use online tool specifically designed to enable local governments to complete simple and accurate assessments of road performance against the National Transport Commission’s 2007 Network Classification Guidelines for PBS routes. The tool classifies routes as Level 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a or 4b. The current tool has been received positively by users, however areas in which additional PBS RAT functionality could be explored include but are not limited to:

- non PBS vehicle route assessment, for example classification for B-double and/or crane routes
- swept path assessment
- amenity considerations
- bridge assessment and a bridge data collection module – for heavy vehicle access
- pavement condition assessment – for heavy vehicle access
- Over Size Over Mass (OSOM) route assessment.
Deliverables The project will focus on:

a. an analysis into how the current tool may be utilised for classification of routes for non-PBS vehicles (for example can PBS level 2 be used for an equivalent B-double classification?)

b. as an initial phase, with an appropriate hold point, for a scoping study on expanding the tool to include the collection of consistent bridge data for local governments (including a GIS component) that can be used for a later national bridge assessment and classification framework

c. an expanded scoping study, where prudent and cost effective potential options for the expansion of the PBS RAT are identified and assessed.
Project Manager
Matt Elischer
(07) 3309 8542