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Project Details

Project Number FS1892
Task Force/Review Panel
Freight Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Improving Access Through Private Investment in Public Roads
Status Closed-C
Purpose This project aims to identify the opportunities where direct investment in public road infrastructure can be made by private operators in order to improve access and productivity.

While the Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment (HVCI) project will address collection of revenue from freight vehicles based on the damage they do to the road network, there remains no process or framework that would allow industry to pro-actively invest in specific projects that would improve productivity for their operation.

Often, restrictions to access for higher productivity vehicles are caused by single blockage points such as bridges, culverts, etc. In many cases the productivity gains of remedying these blockages provide productivity benefits to only some of the road users wishing to access the benefits of improved access.

There is a case that those who benefit from improved productivity could or should contribute to the expense of providing it. An example may be where a bridge is limited to GML, a mining proponent has applied for HML access, yet they are the only operation accessing that route, therefore the only beneficiary. In this case, it may be reasonable to require the proponent to pay for the required treatment in order to provide HML.

The development of a framework will provide industry and government certainty of process for issues of this type, and would allow industry to invest in productivity enhancements where government does not have the capacity to do so.
Deliverables A framework under which direct investment by private operators and/or industry organizations can be implemented on public road assets.
Project Manager
Ross Mensforth
Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
(07) 3306 7407