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Project Details

Project Number RS1854
Task Force/Review Panel
Registration and Licensing
Registration & Licensing Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Better Management of End-of-Life Vehicles
Status Active
Purpose To develop an appropriate ‘conceptual set’ of vehicle registration requirements/provisions to support the effective management of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) to—
• enhance the integrity and accuracy of the national vehicle register; and
• mitigate the current related detrimental impacts in respect of damage to the environment and vehicle crime.
The conceptual model would be subject to a full cost-benefit analysis as a later, separate exercise.
Any national implementation is likely to ultimately require later consideration by the Transport and Infrastructure Council. However, the expected project outputs could also be considered as a set of overarching principles that individual jurisdictions can consider as local demand for improved ELV management and conditions dictate.
1 Project Brief, Project Plan
2 Commission consultants
3 Complete research/field work
4 Presentation to RLWG/ RLTF
5 Final proposal
Project Manager
Cheryl Richey
Transport for NSW
02 8265 7434