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Project Details

Project Number TT1353
Task Force/Review Panel
Pavement Task Force
Project Type Partnership Agreement
Title Asphalt Properties and Mix Design Procedures
Status Closed-C
Purpose To assist Austroads members and Industry to implement asphalt mix design procedures and utilise new mix types which deliver improved performance to road users and asset managers.
Specifically to:
• implement the new Austroads asphalt mix design procedure
• introduce improved mix types such as stone mastic asphalt which target defined road user and engineering requirements and give reliable performance
• ensure that asphalt mixes will meet future environmental and safety requirements.
Deliverables • recommended laboratory compaction procedures for Austroads mix design procedure.
• report on validation of performance tests used in the mix design procedure
• measured structural and functional properties of different asphalt surfacing types
• reports on development of ‘Standard SMA’ mix design procedure
• review of processes and techniques to produce lower temperature asphalt
• review of quality achieved for in situ asphalt
Project Manager
Paul Morassut
Roads and Maritime Services NSW
02 8837 0976