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Project Details

Project Number TS1543
Task Force/Review Panel
Road Design Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Road Geometry Study for Improved Rural Safety – Stage 1
Status Closed-C
Purpose To identify and quantify road design elements that contributes to crash occurrence and crash severity.

This information will lead to the revision of current road design standards to reduce the potential for road design factors to be attributed as a crash factor.
Deliverables 1. The relationship between geometry and differing types of road crashes that predominate in rural road environments (i.e. run-off road, loss-of-control, head-on and intersection types of crashes) determined. Models developed to allow crash rates to be predicted on geometric components:
• sag curves
• crest curves
• application of superelevation
• horizontal transition spiral
• horizontal curves; and
• possible combinations of these.

2. Deficiencies in road design practices that contribute to crash occurrence and severity.

3. A description of how current road design standards and guidelines may be revised for improved safety.
Project Manager
Noel OCallaghan
ARRB Group