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Project Details

Project Number SS1494
Task Force/Review Panel
Safety Task Force
Project Type Strategic Research
Title Road crash injuries – cost and prevention
Status Closed-C
Purpose To gain a greater understanding of the:
• true burden and cost of major road crashes resulting in injuries; and
• the mechanisms producing the injuries which will enable the causes to be addressed by road authorities and partner agencies.

This project aims to provide information about the causes, patient journey and cost to the community of a sample of severe road trauma cases in NSW. The study will enable the types and causes of road related injuries to be identified which will inform preventative strategies. It will also highlight the real cost to the community which will be invaluable in justifying future road safety improvements.
Deliverables This project will collect data on actual road crashes and persons sustaining various injuries which will enable the contributing factors, real cost and burden of crashes to be identified. This project will also investigate the feasibility of the Finnish Crash Investigation System in the Australian context, and allow information collected during crash investigations to address key road safety issues.

Specific deliverables include:
• Collect data and information on the causes of actual road crashes that result in injury.
• Investigate and document 100 case studies of road crashes causing injuries including a description of the factors contributing to the crash, the course of the crash, and medical outcomes so that information is available for the whole crash-injury continuum.
• Develop cost models that show the real cost of road crashes to the community using the actual data from the case studies examined and analysis of the overall sample. The will improve cost/benefit analysis for many road safety programs.
• Based on the pre situational risk analysis and crash analysis of the case studies, determine what is causing different types of injuries and identify interventions to prevent and/or mitigate the injuries sustained during road crashes.
• Investigate factors associated with injury severity and fatigue involvement, and develop valid coding criteria for police reporting.
• Use the process of collecting the data to identify the potential for closer partnerships and system links across agencies.
Project Manager
Ben Barnes
Transport for NSW
02 8265 7856