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Project Details

Project Number AT1064
Task Force/Review Panel
Assets Task Force
Project Type Partnership Agreement
Title Long-Term Performance Monitoring to Develop Consistent Performance Models
Status Active
Purpose To assist in the development of nationally consistent pavement performance models – for use at both the network and project level – through the monitoring of the performance of full-scale in-service pavements. These models are needed to reliably predict long term performance for the objective estimation of maintenance and provision funding, its efficient allocation and aid the selection of appropriate provision and maintenance works.
Deliverables * Collection and documentation of data collection on the selected sites.
* Status report on the performance of LTPPM test sections.
* Report on analysis of data from selected sites.
* Technology Transfer activities, including the generation of an LTPP Newsletter.
Project Manager
Mick Lorenz
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure South Australia
08 8343 2234